Wednesday, 15 October 2008

A Trip To Cancertown

"Remember - nothing here is real, and everything can hurt you."

Cancertown, coming early 2009 from Insomnia Publications, is the first creator owned original graphic novel from Cy "Starship Troopers" Dethan. Art on this monstrosity is provided by Stephen Downey, who’s an important discovery for Insomnia and Colours are by Cages artist Melanie Cook and Letters are by Nic Wilkinson.

Cy Dethan says:

"Okay, so get this: Vincent Morley is a barely functional former mental patient with an inoperable tumour nestling in his brain. See that? That’s our hero. Morley suffers from a rare mental disorder that causes him to believe a number of unlikely things about himself and his relationship to his environment. Chief among these delusions is the idea that he has the ability to step out of reality and into a monstrous alternate world he calls Cancertown.

Now, that’s all very well as a personal, private little Hell – but when normal people start tripping over the cracks in reality and falling into Cancertown, Morley decides that his role in life is to find them and ferry them back out again.

Unfortunately for all concerned, there are other forces at work in Cancertown, and not all of them understand or appreciate what Morley’s trying to do..."

We will be hearing more from all of the creative team in future posts as they tell us what it was like to build Cancertown.
Cancertown is now available to preorder from Amazon

Please contact Nic Wilkinson, Creative Director, at nichola[at] for further details, review copies or requests for interviews with the creative team.

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