Wednesday, 15 October 2008


"Lovely... and disturbing. Let's not forget disturbing." - Ben Templesmith.

What if you’d spent your whole life in a cage, never glimpsing the world outside? What if everything you knew was darkness, fear and cold, clinical steel? What if one day, an angel came to you with a message of hope – a message that you were about to be set free? This is the story of CAGES, a dark future tale of horror and redemption.

CAGES is written by Xander Bennett, illustrated by Melanie Cook has cover art by Jonathan Hickman & a foreword by Ben Templesmith.

In a post-apocalyptic world torn apart by biological weapons, cities and governments no longer exist, and the very atmosphere is poisonous to breathe. The few survivors are ruled by a shadowy group of near-omnipotent leaders who dwell in an artificial underground paradise known as the Vault. These Vault-Lords have commanded their minions on the surface world to build and maintain sinister medical research facilities in which prisoners like Gabby and her two brothers are kept caged.

Gabby, Mike and Raph aren’t exactly your average twelve-year-olds. They have memories of a life spent in the miserable confines of the labs, of constant experiments, of growing up in captivity and relying on each other to survive. Aside from her brothers, Gabby’s only comfort comes in the form of an angelic being of light that only she can see.

But when an unexpected order from one of the Vault-Lords threatens to destroy everything, a chain of events is set in motion that leads to the children escaping from the lab and tasting freedom for the first time – only to come face to face with the many dangers of this deadly new world. From genetically-engineered monsters to brutal scavenger tribes and agents of the Vault, the three children must face their demons and overcome them together.

As current world events focus attention on issues of wrongful imprisonment and human rights, CAGES seeks to tackle these issues head-on.

The strongest cages are the ones we build around ourselves.
It’s time to break free.
Please contact Nic Wilkinson, Creative Director, at nichola[at] for further details, review copies or requests for interviews with the creative team.

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