Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Trick or Treat - "Choices" from Insomnia

The clocks have gone back, the year is drawing to a close and unnatural things are on the prowl in the dark. The long winter nights being perfect for Insomniac storytellers we are putting out a call for submissions for the next edition of our Layer Zero anthology: Choices

To get you in the mood here is the first panel from the first page of art from the first piece we have accepted: Magpie by Richard McAuliffe with art by Mark Chilcott.

The days may be getting colder and the nights may be getting longer but Halloween marks the start of the holiday season for many. It can be so much fun, but there are so many choices to make: where to go, what to do, what to wear, trick or treat?

We are looking for writers and artists - independently or as teams.
Submissions should be:
  • stories on the theme of Choices
  • 2-10 pages long
  • Black and White or Greyscale
  • Scripts should be submitted by 31st of December.
  • Art will need to be complete by March 2009
The pieces will be published online initially at www.myebook.com, where we will show a selection of stories in rotation, and then collected for publication as an album in mid 2009.

There is no payment for inclusion in Layer Zero, you should think of it as an opportunity to showcase your work, but you retain all rights and may reuse the work elsewhere.

Stories in Layer Zero may also work as "pilot episodes" for longer works that we could expand into full length books if they are successful. If you would like to know more about this before you make a submission please drop us a line at submissions@insomniapublications.com.

Cover art for Choices, along with a very special story will be provided by the extremely talented Scott James. This collection will also feature the very first episode of Butterflies and Moths, by Corey Brotherson, a gritty magic realist tale about balance and burdens.

Contact Nic Wilkinson by email at submissions@insomniapublications.com for more info or to make a submission.


Simon said...

Great to see Richard and Mark's work in print! Look's like you made a great 'choice' there!


Insomnia said...

I see what you did there ;)


JC said...

Hi Nic

Just asking some writers at Microhappy too but i wanted to check - do the writers get to keep the artwork? Or at least get a high res copy of it?

I dont know where i got that idea from... but just wanted to check i;m not telling people the wrong thing.

Also i wanted to submt a story but it's very very short - probably only one page - is it cool to go ahead?


Insomnia said...


The artists would keep the original artwork, unless the writer wanted to come to some arrangement with them about that.

You could have a hi resolution copy of the complete story, of course.

All contributors get a complimentary copy of the book as well.

Yep - still just time to go ahead and submit something.