Friday, 6 November 2009

Small Screen, Big News

...krrrk...we have a visual...krrk...

Here they are then, the first screen shots of Cages, Cancertown and Burke and Hare sitting proudly in the PSP.

Our friends at The Geek Syndicate visited Sony Towers recently for a preview of the technology and to talk to them more about the Digital Comics Store. You can hear about their adventures in episode 139 which will be up later this week.

Kronos City: Reflections on a Vampire

Recently Team Kronos City decided to compare their visions of some of the book's main characters.

Over on the Kronos City Blog they said:

"Everyone sees a character differently so here are our versions. Here at Kronos City, we'd also like to see your ideas of Karl, which will be published here on the 20th of November, just before the Thought Bubble Convention where they will also be on display."

If you want to take part fly on over to the How Do You See Karl competition to see their versions, read the character description and find out how to send your pictures to the team.

I think I might even try doing one myself.

The team have started on chapter 3 now, so expect some new previews in the near future.

More Ragged Man Sketches

Following on from last week's update Neil Van Antwerpen and Peter-David Douglas sent us some more Ragged Man characters recently.

Here are Consensus and The Grudge.


You'll need to click on it to see the true wonder and horror of the figure on the right! To all the artists wondering, yes, those tiny figures are all hand drawn individually!

The Grudge

As writer Cy Dethan said on his blog, although it is very early days in the production of the book he posted them "on the grounds that some things are just too good to keep quiet".

Right, though, isn't he?

The The Geek Syndicate and The Annual Podcast Awards

Congratulations are in order for our friends at The Geek Syndicate who have been nominated in the 'Best Entertainment Podcast' Category in the 2009 podcast awards.

Barry Nugent says:

"As there were over 321,000 people submitting nominations Dave and I are very happy to find the podcast nominated and we wanted to say thanks to everyone who took the time to nominate us."

Daily voting will open for the awards at on November 13th with voting closing November 30th. You can cast one vote per person per day during this time.

Next week we'll have a feast for your eyes with an update from Sidhe creators Kev Crossley and Rachel Robbins.

Until then...

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