Thursday, 2 July 2009

Worth A Thousand Words

After last week's mammoth wordfest this week we have lots of pictures to gaze at, in a great range of styles. I can't tell you how excited we are about all the books and how they're coming to life.

To think, when we started this blog not yet a year ago we wondered if there's be enough to go in it to make it weekly!

So, let's kick off with the latest ebook preview:

Myebook - Burke and Hare - click here to open my ebook

This little bundle of greatness will let you have have a peek between those gorgeous Rian Hughes covers for a look the sequence of pages 5-12.

Sidhe Pin Up (Work In Progress) by Kev Crossley.

With this one you really need to click to get the bigger version to appreciate the trademark Kev Crossley detail.

This is really a "mood piece" that Kev is working on at the moment as he starts to explore the feel of the world. Our heroine, Emer, can be seen in the foreground, with The Goddess presiding behind her.

Writer Rachel Robbins says:

"Creating Sídhe with Kev Crossley is both an honor and an adventure. What a delight to work with such an intuitive artist, and find myself repeating ad nauseum, “Yes, that’s EXACTLY what I was picturing!”

Kev deftly captures concepts, themes, and mood—his intuition is so spot-on that he picks up on minute nuances which makes me read my own work in a different way.

We’re constantly bouncing ideas off each other; his drawings influence and shift my characters, settings, and story in exciting directions I hadn’t anticipated.

Having always wanted to be a musician, Sídhe gives me a taste of what it might be like to compose an apocalyptic rock opera with a like-minded performer who is equally compelled by what is beautiful, what is hideous, and what is hideously beautiful."

Artist Kev Crossley says:

"With Sidhe, Rachel couldn't have concocted a tale better suited to the sort of work I like to do: Grotesque villains, gorgeous heroes; ancient angry forests and the clotting shadow of a new order.

It's a modern story in which Celtic Mythology seethes beneath the asphalt as the saucer eyed masses exult with pharmaceutical zeal within cavernous temples of gaudy Devotion.
...but it's so much more than just that...."

These two complement each other so perfectly it's a bit unreal.

I first got in touch with Kev through Rich Johnson, who went on to become our art director, and as you can see, has a great eye for talent.

Damaged Goods: Manifestation Panel for Karma Police by Mark Chilcott

Now speaking of the hideously beautiful...

When we said Damaged Goods delivers "short dark tales to keep you up all night" this is what we were talking about.

As they were having one of their more lucid periods we let Mark and Richard out of the dark attic where they are usually chained to let us know how things are going:

Artist Mark Chilcott says:

"From my point of view, it's the story [Karma Police] I've had the most fun with, and I just love the character. I hope me and Rich and can expand on him and his "worlds" in the future, Rich's scripts are always fun and leave me enough room to add my own personality.

The THING panel was easy, you've met Rich"

Writer Richard McAuliffe says:

"We are getting to the half way point now and seeing the stories come to life the way they have has been kick ass and a little disturbing. I keep thinking "Wow, Mark is really messed up" then check back and realise he's just done what was in the script. That stuff never seems quite as dark in my head as it does on Mark's pages with all the cool touches he adds.

I honestly cannot wait till we get this done and I can show it off... especially to my mother in law who always thought I was too weird for her daughter.

Couldnt be happier with how this has all come together and with the support we've got from the lovely people at Insomnia (I have to say that, they have my signed copy of Nemesis the Warlock hostage)"

First, though, he said a bad thing involving Princess Leia,, and don't listen to his lies about Nemesis the Warlock either, that's how he gets in your head. He just covets my original sketches by Kev O'Neill and Bryan Talbot - and I have my OWN signed copy, thank you.

Oz: Fall Of The Scarecrow King coloured page and Concept Sketches by Barry McGowan

So, above you can see the fully painted page one, and the character sketches for the Lion, Tin Man and the Scarecrow. It's almost like they could just step right off the page isn't it?

This is another artist who was introduced to us at Bristol by Stephen Downey, who, it seems, breeds exceptionally talented people down in his cellar or something.

Butterflies and Moths splash page test by Jennie Gyllblad

Speaking of artists herded up by Stephen, Jennie Gyllblad, despite the heat and lack of wrist supports, has been painting at something near the speed of light. Last week if you remember, we had just signed her up, and she had done some concept sketches. This week she has already done a rough for the first splash page.

If you skip on over to her blog you can see the pencil stages there as well.

And Finally...

  • For those wanting to order Cantertown via a comic shop it was in previews this month and the order code is: JUL091827

    A reminder that the Cages code is NOV085310

  • Layer Zero:Choices is about to go for a second printing and will be in Previews next month.

    Speaking of Layer Zero, Survival is now full, and there is a waiting list for inclusion. The next book will be Exile, but I'll be doing a proper announcement about submissions for that in a few weeks.

  • Alasdair Duncan will be running a workshop as part of our Essex Libraries tour on the 11th of July at Pretty Gate Library from 10-12am

    The event is part of the launch of the the teen/young adult reading section at the library.

    There will be a chance to participate in several events that give an unique insight into differrent aspects of comics story telling including the ever popular Cages Consequences, a colouring competition and a Caption Creation with art previously published in Layer
    Zero Insomnia/Time.

    There will also be a display of current and upcoming Insomnia books.

  • Cy Dethan and I will be running an Insomnia Comics workshop at Newport Waterstones on the Isle Of Wight on the 25th of July. As well as being able to get signed copies of Cancertown it will be a chance for all aspiring local writers and artists to come in and chat about getting into comics, working with a publisher, see books in production and pitch ideas or show portfolios.

    If you haven't heard the story, Cancertown was first born out of an incredible migraine attack on the island, following a huge thunderstorm. When inspirations strikes, it can strike hard.

  • For those of you going to San Diego Comic Con, have a great time. We don't have a table there this year, but look out for several of our creators, including Mel Cook and Kelvin Chan who will be around all weekend.
Take Care of Yourselves...

...And Each Other


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