Monday, 30 March 2009

Art Attack!!!

I'm very sorry, I couldn't resist it.

So, there's an awful lot of art news this week. It must be something in the water, or perhaps this is the time that all artists come out of hibernation.

We have got full teams confirmed for several books that we signed up a few months ago:
  • Gary Crutchley has been confirmed as the artist on six months by Jim O'Hara. Gary has recently been contributed to the Accent UK Zombies, Robots and Westerns anthologies, and with Stephen Costello on his Split Lip web horror comic. Gary also has a story in Layer Zero:Choices, Soul by Stephen Stone, so you can see a sample of his work in the Layer Zero preview below.

  • Chris Wildgoose will be starting work on Dream Solver by Luke Foster. Cris is currently studying in North London and aspires to make connections in the film, comic and game worlds, and as a Fine artist. He has worked with a few directors and companies such as Iron Box films, Deleveres,Mehul Desai and most recently/currently working with director Luke Massey with his new film 'Warhouse' He also occasionally helps with prop design and creatiosn for Rorschach Prop FX.

  • Wu Li will be drawing Shiver by Christopher Barker. Wu Li has provided work for record companies, ezines and designed characters for various international publications.

  • Kev Crossley will be drawing Sidhe by Rachel Robbins. Kev has worked on the Kiss4k comic and done covers for 2000AD and the Megazine, as well as having work in Event Horizon by Mam Tor.
Layer Zero Previews

As I write this the deadline for Layer Zero is only 24 hours away and most of the book is already compiled, the covers done and the bios in place.

Pre-orders for this have been outstanding - so take a look and see the treat you're in for - and if you haven't ordered it direct from us you'll be able to find it on amazon very soon - it's just waiting for it's ISBN to be confirmed.

So, here are the previews - some are final pages, some are just showing pencils, and there are more to come. Where the creators are doing full length books with us I have noted that under the Layer Zero credits:

Beautiful People: story by Jim Alexander, art by Dean Stahl
(Watch out for Jim in the upcoming Focal Point)

Beggars Can't Be Choosers: Story by Christopher Barker, art by Des Langford
(Watch out for Chris in the Upcoming Shiver)

Borrowed Life: Story and art by Valium. K

Pin Up by Andy Bloor

Devils' Due: Story by Richard Casey, art by Preston Asevedo

Devil's Road: Story by James Johnson, art by Leonardo M Giron
(Watch out for James in the upcoming Dead Man's Gold)

Erratum: Story by Matt Gibbs, art by Des Langford
(Watch out for Matt in the upcoming Ion Monger's Daughter)

Love Like Like A Bullet: Story by Aiden Largey, art by Jane Summerfield

Fragile : Story by Corey Brotherson, art by Ariyana Vida
(This is "episode zero" of the Graphic Novel Butterflies and Moths)

The God Trap: Story by Chris Lynch, art by Gary O'Donnell

I am Dead: Poem by GM Jordan, art by Rachel Gater

Magpie: Story by Richard McAuliffe, art by Mark Chilcott
(Watch out for Richard and Mark in the upcoming Damaged Goods)

Nearest and Dearest: Story by Greg Carruthers, art by Monty Borror

So Much To Do, So Little Time: Story and art by Dave West

Soul: Story by Steven Stone, art by Gary Crutchley
(Watch out for Steven in the upcoming Urban Legends
Watch out for Gary in the upcoming Six Months)
Red Wire Blue Wire: Story by Alexi Conman, art by Larry Watts

The Right Choice: Story and art by Steve Butler

TimeWave Zero: story and art by Adam R Grose

The Turtle Guitar: Story and art by Ben Powis

Waste: Story by Cy Dethan. art by Ben McLeod
(Watch out for Cy in the upcoming Ragged Man, Indifference Engine and Focal Point)

Waiting For The End: Story by Marting Conaghan, art by Nulsh
(Watch out for Martin in the upcoming Burke and Hare and Focal Point)

And finally...

There was an interview on Sci-Fi pulse on Sunday night where you can hear Cy Dethan talking about Cancertown, not hear me very well (microphone hitch my end) talking about Insomnia, and hear Crawford wrapping up for a few minutes at the end.

A huge thank you to all the Insomnia creators who have been doing a fantastic job promoting each other's work all around the web, on twitter, at events etc. The results of this have been unbelivable. Cages is on the shelves now and, according to the reports Alasdair is getting back from the store managers is flying off them. The pre-orders for Layer Zero are about 400% over what we estimated for an anthology, and we have just had to take the decision to increase the initial print run of Cancertown by 50%.

The best thing is that as we work with more people this kind of thing will just get stronger.

Thanks also to everyone else who has shown such support for the books and helped us to get the word out. Special mention must go to John Freeman of Down The Tubes, The Geek Syndicate boys and The Comic Racks girls.

The help and support that the creators have given each other in making sure the anthology was all in by deadline has also been outstanding, and the number of new people getting in touch because what they have been told by people already working with us is amazing.

This is exactly what we wanted when Insomnia was founded.

Thanks for all your hard work guys - we wouldn't be here without you.

It's getting like an Oscar speech now, so I'll close before I cry on my ballgown.

See you in seven!

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