Monday, 8 December 2008

Cancer Scans

Cancertown is nearing completion now and new artwork is flowing in for Chapter five.

The writer, Cy Dethan has been writing on his blog last week about how it feels to see your script come to life as a comic, and I thought that it might be interesting for readers to see the stages as well.

In a departure from my usual blogs, I am going to keep this one silent and let the process speak for itself. I am going to show you how issue five, page four took shape. Yes, this is a page from deep in the book, I chose it because it is one of my favourites. This shouldn't be a spoiler though, as you'd have to know what happens in the lead up to this for that to be the case.

Click on the images to see bigger versions that you can actually read.

Cancertown Script: Issue five, page four: by Cy Dethan

Cancertown Pencils and Inks: Issue five, page four: by Stephen Downey

Cancertown Colours: Issue five, page four: by Melanie Cook

Cancertown Letters Issue five, page four: by Nic Wilkinson

And that's how you make a comic.

I love it when a plan comes together!

Also this week:
  • Cages went to print with our wonderful new printers, Warpton, more on them at a later date.

  • Insomnia got a brief mention on the famous Forbidden Planet Blog in John "Down The Tubes" Freeman's "Best of 2008" round up. Thanks John!

    If you don't know Down The Tubes go over and check it out now. It is probably the best source of British comics news out there, and John Freeman is not only a champion of independent comics, but a talented creator himself.
Until next week (and then it will be nearly Christmas!)...

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