Monday, 22 February 2010

Welcome To My Nightmare...

I think you're gonna like it...

Well, OK, strictly they're not my nightmares - they're the ones created by the twisted talents of Richard McAuliffe and Mark Chilcott - but it's rare enough to be able to use a line from the almighty Alice Cooper in a publisher's blog and I couldn't pass up the chance.

Barry Nugent, intrepid reporter for The Geek Syndicate, bravely accepted an assignment to investigate the Damaged Goods themselves.

His first reaction:

"I have to ask…are you both mentally disturbed?"

Followed by some muttered comments about changing his number and calling the police.

So, in the way of a fiendish experiment, we thought we'd let you hear some of what the creators said to Barry, and give you all a little peek inside. Not too much for now. We don't want you to come to any harm...

Take it away boys...

"Some of the stories deal with stuff that makes me edgy"

"...a picture in my head, the bride with the severed head bouquet for example"

"I...spend most of my day fighting the urge to get creative with various sharp items in the office"

" get under the reader’s skin."

"...that twist that made it that little bit more disturbing, especially to any women reading it. "

"We’d rather go for the series of quick gut punches. "

"Mark though, he’s a weird puppy"

"They got in quick, fucked you up and left you battered"

"It's the lie of the painted on smile."

“I hate you and seriously want to push these scissors into your eye”

On that note, we'd better shut the box again for today.

Spare a thought for Jim Campbell in all of this. He's been lettering away and bringing some kind of method to the madness!

And if you liked that little taste there'll be plenty more in the back matter section of the book when it comes out in May.

The story Tea Party is available to read as a preview over on

Myebook - Damaged Goods: Tea Party - click here to open my ebook

Richard is currently writing a dark fantasy Graphic Novel for Insomnia called Snow which is being drawn by Valia Kapadai which, as he says, "looks absolutely gorgeous". More on that at a later date. He also has book called Baby Boomers with Markosia before then which is about as different from Damaged Goods as you could imagine being totally kiddie friendly.

And look out for his Strontium Dog story in an upcoming issue of Dog Breath "which being a 2000AD fan I’m way more excited about than I probably should be ", he says. No one can blame him for that.

Once Damaged Goods is over Mark is going to "Sleep!!" then "try and evolve my style and see what comes out the other end."

All of you hush now and let the poor boy get some rest, or there's no telling what might happen!

So, get between the covers with some Damaged Goods at Bristol...

I think you're gonna feel you belong


Simon said...

Really looking forward to reading this (with trepidation!)

I'm sure it will be the kind of book you'll have to keep under your bed or in the closet.

Better stock up on sedatives.

Nic said...

I'm telling you, I would not be putting this book in any traditional monster spawning points!