Monday, 25 January 2010

Creative Endeavors

This week we have more exciting news. With Insomnia growing and the number of books, channels and events increasing, we are bringing some new people on board the company.

We introduced Richard Murphy, Insomnia’s Business Development Director, a few weeks ago and it’s our pleasure to welcome our three new dedicated Sub-Editors: Matt Gibbs, Alex Willmore and Lauren Anne Sharp.

Matt will be taking on editorial duties for scripts of Insomnia Original Graphic Novels (aka The Insomnia Collection) in the same way as we have Martin Conaghan for Vigil, and Alex and Lauren will be our new art sub-editors. Insomnia’s newly expanded Editorial Team will be reviewing the mountains of new submissions closely so we’ll hopefully be able to reduce the time it takes to get back to creators.

Nic Wilkinson, Creative Director, has been tending to all our fantastic creators for the past year and has been an exceptional Group Editor. Not stepping away completely from this role, Nic will be focusing her energies more fully on Insomnia’s marketing and promotion activities. Earlier today she assured all of the creators they are in very capable hands and that she will still be actively involved with them and their projects. She said, “All of our editors came to us first as creators, so know what makes a good Insomnia book from the inside. I am delighted to welcome Matt, Alex and Lauren to the team.”

We asked our new Sub-Editors to share their thoughts on joining the Company.

Lauren, “When I joined Insomnia ten months ago as a creator, I was unsure of where the company was going. Since then I've watched it release success after success, with the busiest stand at a convention and a six week waiting list for submission entries. Hopefully Insomnia will continue to grow at this pace, and we can keep bringing on more talent and producing the same excellent Graphic Novels Insomnia Publications is renowned for.”

Matt, “I'm excited to be joining the Insomnia team as an Editor. Working with them and talking with fellow creators over the last year has been a delight.

Insomnia's approach is friendly and supportive, helping people make the most of the stories they want to tell - and I hope to do that too. For me this is an opportunity not only to work with talented people, but for us to learn and develop as writers together.”

Alex, “I'm delighted to be a part of the 'publishing side' of Insomnia. The publishing industry is something that I've always been interested in as I love seeing projects come together from an idea to a finished printed book.

Working on Kronos City has been a joy so far and to be able to see all of the other books take shape is something I'm very much looking forward to. Having seen some of the amazing artwork already posted up on the Insomnium forum, it looks set to be a great year of books.

I'm looking forward to working with more fellow artists and seeing all the submissions from potential Insomniacs - I'm sure I'll be able to offer helpful hints and tips to those hoping to join the Insomnia family.
With Insomnia growing and producing some of the best graphic novels I've had the pleasure of reading in a long time, I'm delighted to be a part of the team and hope to be a part of the company for as long as they'll have me!”

Creators & Projects

In creator and project news we are delighted to announce that Adam Bolton will be the artist on Stephen Arran’s book, Empyre. We’ll have more info and hopefully some artwork for you in the coming weeks.

As Alex mentioned above, the private creator forums, Insomnium, are now live and the community is being populated fairly rapidly. More content and information to follow soon.

We'll be able to show some of this fantastic artwork which is in production soon. Expect to see a new Ebook preview or two in the coming weeks.


As you all know, we have Burke’s hanging anniversary this Thursday (28th January) and to commemorate, Martin and Will are in Edinburgh attending Forbidden Planet for a signing event of their recent Burke and Hare Graphic Novel, there’s also a Talk from them at the Central Library and a chance to meet the creators after this. There’s also the option to attend the Burke and Hare tour absolutely FREE from West Port Tours. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity!

We’ll have a full report of the events and pictures next week!

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