Sunday, 8 February 2009

Layer Zero: Choices

I had never put an anthology together before, although I had contributed to them, and I had seen other people do it. It always looked like quite hard work. Appearances were not deceptive. However what you don't realise from watching someone else do it, or even by contributing to them, is just how incredibly rewarding it is to see the whole thing come together.

The final contents list for Layer Zero: Choices is below and we are very excited about this one. I think this book is really going to show the vitality and creativity out there in comics today. We have an incredible mix of writers and artists from all around the world, resulting in a great mix of styles. Several of the stories are already complete and more finished pages are flowing in every day.

Some contributors are experienced professionals in comics (previous work including stints for DC, Marvel, Image, 2000AD and Metal Hurlant to name a few), some are new talents and some are known in other fields such as journalism, novels, screenwriting and graphic design.

Watching the teams work together, many of whom had not known each other before, and seeing the help, advice and support from the more experienced people, the energy, innovation and enthusiasm of the newer creators and the sharing of storytelling techniques from other fields as the stories have come together, is inspiring and just wanted to be able to help happen when Insomnia was set up.

Here is the list of what you have to look forward to.

  • Pencils and Inks by Scott James, colours by Jason Millet
  • Beautiful People: Script by Jim Alexander, Art by Dean Stahl
  • Beggars Can’t Be Choosers: Script by Chris Barker, Art by Des Langford
  • Borrowed Life: Script and Art by Valia Kapadai
  • Butterflies and Moths: Script by Corey Brotherson, Art by Ariyana Vidya
  • Death in Therapy: Script by GM Jordan, Art by Michael Tribble
  • Devils Due: Script by Richard Casey, Art by Preston Asvedo
  • The Devil Road: Script by James Johnson, Art by Leonardo M Giron
  • Erratum: Script by Matt Gibbs, Art by Des Langford
  • The God Trap: Script by Chris Lynch, Art by Gary O'Donnell
  • Hobson’s Choice: Script by Thomas Romeo, Art by Tom Harry
  • Hunger: Script by Peter Forbes Art by James Daniels
  • Love Like a Bullet: Script by Aiden Langley, Art by Jane Summerfield
  • Magpie: Script by Richard McAuliffe, Art by Mark Chilcott
  • Nearest and Dearest: by Monty Borror
  • The Proposal: Script and Art by Scott James
  • Red Wire Blue Wire: Script by Alexi Conman, Art by Larry Watt
  • The Right Choice: Script and Art by Stephen J Butler
  • So Much To Do, So Little Time: Script and art by Dave West
  • Soul: Script by Steven Stone, Art by Gary Crutchley
  • Time Wave Zero: Script and Art by Adam R Grose
  • The Turtle Guitar: Script and Art by Ben Powis
  • Waste: Script by Cy Dethan, Art by Ben Mcleod
  • Waiting for the End: Script by Martin Conaghan, Art by Nulsh
Pin ups
  • Andy Bloor
  • Marcus Truckle
  • Angus Day
If you like what you see in Layer Zero then keep an eye out as several of the creators have books out through Insomnia later this year and next.

Layer Zero: Choices will first be available at Bristol Comics Expo 2009 where you will find our Stand in the SPExpo in the Mercure Hotel.

The next Layer Zero will have stories on the subject of Survival. I already have four stories submitted and accepted for that one, and I'll put details up of how to submit in the next few weeks.

Next week it will be over to Crawford for a round up of his adventures at the New York Comic Con.

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