Monday, 19 January 2009

The Early Bird Catches The Worm

Just got this by email from the lovely Mike Allwood, organiser of the Bristol Comics Show:

"Britain’s favourite Comic Event just got BIGGER! Yes the Bristol International Comic Expo is being complimented by a 2nd venue for May. FALLEN ANGEL MEDIA are pleased to announce they are hosting a special SMALL PRESS EXPO for the Saturday only at the Mercure hotel.

Mal Smith of Fallen Angel is hosting a sister event as part of the Expo weekend where the Spotlight is firmly on Small Press. With the main Expo in this credit crunching year downsizing the chances for the small press were limited but a guardian ( Fallen ) Angel has swooped to ensure that the UK’s small press will once again be the heartbeat of the show!"

And Insomnia have bought the first 2 tables!!

For those who don't know the Bristol Comic show was scheduled to be much smaller than usual this year due to the main Empire and Commonwealth Hall that normally hosts all the dealer and publisher stalls being unavailable that weekend.

As luck would have it there seemed to be no other venue free in the city that weekend, despite every possibility being explored.

Mike is a great supporter of the UK comic industry, particularly the independent publishers and he was doing the job of a tetris champion trying to get as many people into the space available as fairly as possible, while providing the best range of stuff to all the attendees.

As I have said here before the UK independents community is a fantastic place, and people pulled together to offer space on their tables to those who were still on the waiting list, or couldn't make it, as that's the kind of people the industry seems to attract. Harry Markos of Markosia very kindly offered to carry Cancertown, which will be our latest release by the con, on the Markosia table, and we may still take him up on the offer for the Sunday.

At the same time everyone was keeping their ears to ground for possible venues, or ideas to get round the fact that no venue was available like last year's "Virtual Bristol" (yes, the link is old, I just thought people might like to see it) kindly run by Chris Lynch.

Then, at the last possible minute, a Hollywood style miracle occurred. A room became free Mal Smith has kindly put her life on hold to organise the small press sister event.

So. come along and see us. We will have new books out, lots of previews of upcoming titles, creators signing and artists doing sketches. As usual we will also be looking to speak to anyone who has ideas to pitch or art portfolios to show us.

Big thanks to everyone who gives up their time to organise these events - the industry salutes you.

For details of the events see

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Cool, look forward to seeing you guys there